Why Narcissist’s Cheat?

You’re About To Learn Secrets Most Women Learn The Hard Way About Narcissistic Relationships, Narcissistic Supply, Sex With A Narcissist & Why Narcissists Cheat!

From: Lisa E. Scott, the author of “Surviving A Narcissist – The Path Forward” Book

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Dear Friend,

Are you in love with someone who gives you mixed signals? Perhaps never knowing from one minute to the next where you stand, where the relationship is going and if he is into you or not?

Did he come across as being overtly caring; intensely tentative, seductively addicting to later discover that he lacks empathy to your needs, especially during moments when you need him most

Do you feel as if your love life is an emotional roller-coaster that is filled with many up’s and downs? Maybe you constantly find yourself loving someone who doesn’t love you the same or he comes across as being Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Do you walk on eggshells with worry? Always wondering that if you say or do the wrong thing, it will trigger him into a cycle? A cycle where he pulls away, where he becomes angry and threatens to abandon the relationship?

Does the slightest argument, setback, disagreement or criticism set him off into a rage or perhaps other forms of punishment, such as him being cold, distant and silent?

Do you find that your response to the Narcissist, the way he treats you feels abnormal? You know your being mistreated, you know something is wrong but you cannot find it in yourself to walk away?

Do you find that you are no longer the person you once were? As if the ever-so-sexy, confident, happy, outgoing, aka ‘with-it’ girl, is nowhere to be found? At least not on the surface?

If so, did you find yourself asking or wondering any of the following questions?

How can a man fall madly in-love with me, sweep me off my feet and then suddenly, without warning, ‘like overnight’ turn cold, push me away, go silent and ignore me? How could he discard me after everything we’ve had together?

How could he go from being a prince in shining armor – showering me with tons of attention, worshiping the ground I walk on – to being vicious, cold, mean, silent and disinterested? Why would be just throw everything away and break things off?

Why did he change? In the beginning he was so convincing, so eager and so quick to convince me, that the love we shared was ‘golden’, ‘cast in the stars of soul-mates’, ‘bound in the books of ever-lasting love’ and now..


With a million things running through your mind…

You ask yourself, what could I have possibly done wrong?

Was it the conversation I initiated about our future together? Or that day when I was sick and cranky? Maybe it was the phone call from my ex or his ex?


Obsessed with having answers, like me, did you try desperately to get him to open up?

Did it seem like this time he was really different than previous break ups? As if the closer you tried to get to him, the further he pushed you away? I mean really pushed you away? The more questions you asked, he became colder and colder? Perhaps vicious, completely silent as if he had vanished or wanted you to vanish?

Then you start to wonder….

What the HELL just happened?

What is going on with HIM? Why did he push me away ‘again’? Why is my relationship falling apart ‘again’? Why does it have to be like this? Why does he always breakup right when things are going so well?

Knowing what your friends would say, knowing you simply hate to even tell them what was happening, you turn to them anyway!

Perhaps like my friends, they said things like;

“You’ve been through these break ups before and he always comes back”


“Why do you want to be with a man who treats you like this? Why would you care, What Is Wrong With You? Every single time you go back, he does this!”

Walking on eggshells, you start digging, trying to find out what could be happening!

You HATE snooping, you despise feeling so insecure, but wondering and not knowing feels like torture!

There has to be a logical explanation for his change in behavior.

If only you knew what was happening, why he was so distant and different than before, you could fix this, right?

Is it another woman? Perhaps his ex wife? Someone new? Did I push him away? Perhaps not giving him enough space?

In the beginning I always felt special, always knew where I stood, always felt adored and now… I am confused, in pain and totally lost!

I have lost weight, I can not sleep, I obsess over him constantly and yet, he seems fine! He seems happy and content!

This break up came out of nowhere! This time there were zero red flags, no warnings and no signs of something being wrong!

In the past, I could always tell when something was about to happen but this time nothing happened!

How could he do this to me again?

Why Narcissists Cheat! Relationships & Narcissist

Narcissistic Men, they need no introduction, do they? We know them all too well. Or do we? At one time, I thought I knew how to spot a selfish narcissistic man, only to find, years later, I had no clue … literally. I thought I had finally found my knight in shining armor. I fell madly in love, certain we would spend the rest of our lives together. He appeared more caring and sensitive than any man I’ve ever met. He was heavenly and utterly hard to avoid! He was everything I had ever wanted and more and after eight years of loving someone who caused me so much pain, I finally had to wake up and make the decision to move on! Yes, after all the years of breaking up and making up, I was calling it quits!

I had to realize that he would never change and that I wanted more than he could ever give me! I was tired and I was tired of all the emotional abuse in loving this man. I was tired of being in a constant state of confusion, constantly depressed and most of all, I was tired of wondering and questioning myself. I wanted the old Lisa back!


I am Lisa E. Scott, the Author of All About Him and Besting Selling Book,

Surviving A Narcissist – The Path Forward

Nobody knows better the pain of living with, loving, and leaving a narcissist better than I. I have been there and I know, first hand, how it feels to be the guiding shadow of a damaged man. I know what you are going through and have personally witnessed the pain and hopelessness you might be experiencing.

Unfortunately, I lived it, I breathed it and yes; I survived it! You can survive it to!

Not only so, my ex-husband was a Narcissist. Not just someone who exhibited Narcissistic tendencies, but someone who was diagnosed with pathological narcissism by his own therapist. While I never understood what was happening and remained in disillusion for many years, when I finally realized that my husband would never change, that he was totally incapable of loving me and that I no longer wanted to spend my life in an abusive relationship, I knew I had to share my story with other victims.

I wrote my first book, It’s All About Him, to build awareness and help others recognize a Narcissist before getting involved and potentially getting hurt! After watching myself and countless other victims become painfully scarred by such a man, by such an emotional roller-coaster ride, I decided to write my latest book “Surviving A Narcissist – The Path Forward”.

Sure you’re friends tell you to get it over it, and yet no one knows what it is like to be in a relationship with a Narcissist unless they have been through it themselves.

I have been through it! Not with one Narcissist but two.

Being Devalued & Discarded Is Something You Will Never Forget! It’s Excruciating and its Painful!

I tell my story to provide insight into the mind of a Narcissist. It is important we understand how a Narcissist thinks and just what motivates him. I want to help you recognize a Narcissist, the Narcissist personality before he takes advantage of you.

I also want you to understand that under no circumstance would I ever want to confuse readers by portraying that every single relationship circumstance is the same nor is every man that happens to be a jerk a Narcissist. This is simply not the case.

The PROBLEM IS THIS: Narcissists are an elusive breed that are often very hard to spot, hard to pinpoint, hard to understand and EXTREMELY hard to walk away from!

Narcissists are very deceptive!

Even Mental Health experts find it extremely difficult to measure the level and degree of narcissism one might carry.

I am not a psychotherapist nor do I proclaim to be. My writing is solely based on years of experience. The experience of my own personal pain from loving a Narcissistic man, and the journey to recovery.

My primary mission is to help you through this pain and to let you know that YOU CAN OVER COME THIS!

Narcissistic Source of Supply – Why Narcissist’s Seek Out Relationships & Later Devalue & Discard Victim’s!

I am often asked why we fall for a Narcissist? How is it possible for a man who is so self absorbed, so detached from love and the real meaning of commitment, make his way into our lives.

How can a woman like me go from being confident, attractive, independent, driven and in-love, only to later find that she, through this abusive relationship has cast herself in the role of being – pitiful, dependent, depressed, confused and heart broken?

How can a woman who is so cautious, so savvy to the world of dating and relationship games, and a woman toughened up when it comes to love and men, become smitten by such a pathological disorder of loving a Narcissist?

Ladies… Let me explain!

We have all had a ‘Mr. Big’ in our lives that essentially went bad. Women have also become emotionally distant and unavailable as a result of being hurt. As a result of loving someone, playing the game train and eventually getting hurt, women have conditioned themselves to remain distant from falling to hard with men, especially too quickly.

Women including myself have conditioned themselves to protect their feelings. After countless dud dates, loser men, relationship roller-coasters and years of pain, women have slowly shut the door to their hearts. In general, women have learned the hard way base upon past experiences to protect themselves! I totally agree and I was also one of those women.

BUT… NO one, including ME could ever prepare for the strike of a Narcissist.

The situation is quite horrifying and exhausting! The break up, cheating, silent treatment, heartbreak – it was a painful devastating time in my life!

I have spent over seven years documenting, writing and coaching victim’s of the Narcissist..

In fact, if there is anything YOU CAN LEARN FROM THIS BOOK, is that it’s CRITICAL to our recovery that we understand how a Narcissist operates.

Why Narcissists Cheat – The Crazy Making Behavior Of, Love & Abuse, Ignoring & Caring, Abandonment & Clinging!

So Why Me… How Could This Happen To Me?

GOD only knows, relationships can feel like a whirlwind of games! Trying to imagine a relationship without ‘games’ is like trying to imagine a world without sunlight, it simply can’t happen. It’s where both individuals put forth their best! It’s the normal process where we drape our credentials and show off all our best skills.

Like “niceness,” and “understanding,” and “sexy,” and “smart,” and “funny,” and so on. Men use other tactics like charm. Ladies, this is normal!

With the Narcissist, it’s quite different than the ordinary game of attraction. The lure of a Narcissist, GOES WAY BEYOND charm!

Narcissists are Pathological Charmers and known to thrive on Games! In fact, many victims of the Narcissists later describe it as a roller-coaster ride on steroids! Initial highs followed by many sudden lows. This is why most victims often have a very hard time getting over the break up and the loss of the Narcissist!

When A Narcissists Cheats, The Victim’s Often Blame Themselves!

Mistake #1 – Women Fail To Realize This Is Not Their Fault!

Being in love with a Narcissist is a confusing state of affairs, to say the least. In the beginning, a Narcissist makes you feel incredibly loved and valued. He appears to be head-over-heels in love with you and worships the ground you walk on. He writes you poetry, takes you out for romantic dinners, and finds all your little quirks endearing and adorable.

Narcissists know exactly what you want to hear and exactly who you want them to be. Narcissists are gifted manipulators who can sweep anyone off their feet. They are charming and irresistible. Above all, they make you feel as though they understand you like no man has or ever will. This is all common with Narcissistic behavior!


From the perfect beginning to the ugly and painful end, it’s as if Narcissists read the same manual! In the beginning they build the unsuspecting loved one’s self-esteem up to a point they had never experienced before, and then slowly, painfully and viciously the Narcissist tears them DOWN AND RIPS THEM APART!

So you ask… How Do We Fall For This Trap?

Narcissistic Source of Supply – Beauty Behind The Beast

Meet Prince Charming – Out of nowhere, he appears – rocking your world like a category 10! He is so good that he doesn’t have to say anything. He is so well built; he can read your mind, body and spirit. He flourishes you with gifts, attention, time and energy. He romances you. He calls constantly and sends hourly reminders of his existence. He is the complete package. Never before have you encountered such a whirlwind of events that made you consciously know he’s the one. He is overtly caring, charming, sexy, smart, intuitive, refreshing and literally addicting.

He showers you with attention, praise, compliments and through his constant reminders lets you know he is completely interested in you.

As time passes, you fall madly and crazily in love with ‘Him’! You feel sick, you can’t eat, you don’t know what you are thinking and feeling, but you are ‘thinking excessively’. You feel happy, you feel sad and unsettled, you worry, your ecstatic. It’s the intoxicating moment you’ve so patiently waited for. The moment when you finally feel desired, attractive, special, adored and loved! Without effort, someone understands you, accepts you, admires and idolizes you.


Mr. Wonderful and Mr. Price Charming is not the same man!

Hence – Your Man Changed!

Perhaps it was a slow gradual process or an immediate change, but something changed! This man is not the same man. Who is he?

All relationships with an incredibly romantic beginning eventually calm down. One day your Prince with all his charm doesn’t look quite the same. And in fact, he doesn’t look at you as the ‘Center Fold’ you once were, (a figment of his imagination). This is normal!

During the normal honeymoon stage in relationships, both you and your partner can only see the dynamics of something fresh, something new. The excitement and newness of the relationship, the cycles of highs and lows are all normal!

The actress and the actor are now forced with seeing each other outside of the obvious roles they’ve been playing, and the crossing point where one must face reality.

But the horrifying fact is, when dealing with a Narcissist, no one can ever expect the cycle you will eventually face. It’s quite different! The ‘Game Face’, which is an essential tactic in any competitive event, and often used by a Narcissist is now starting to dissipate. His ‘Mask’ slowly begins to come off. His disorder beaming through.

During the luring stage of the relationship, the Narcissist totally idealizes his victim. (Narcissistic Idealization Followed By Devaluation)

He indicates he sees her as wonderful, perfect, his soul mate. He notes her amazing abilities, her brilliance, sweetness, and any other personality trait he can hone in on. He did this in order to speed up the sensation of attachment and move the relationship forward quickly.

Narcissists feed off of the attention they get from people. Adoration from others is what fuels them. It is like a drug to them and they are addicted to it. NS is any form of attention an individual receives from others.

The emotional abuse that occurs in a relationship with a Narcissist is merciless and relentless. Narcissist’s brainwash us. They use several different methods of coercion in order to obtain control over us. They love us madly in the beginning, sweep us off our feet and falter in the end!

Once the Narcissist realizes he has captured his new Source of Supply – The Nightmare and Roller Coaster begins! He devalues & discards..


Devaluation (Narcissistic Devaluation) Sets In!

Throughout my e-Book, I will answer many common questions victims typically ask. To understand the Narcissist’s Crazy Making is to start the process of healing!

Mistake #2 – Women Fail To Realize That The Narcissist Uses Forms of Punishment To Control His Victim’s!

Cycles & Patterns Witnessed By Sources of Supply – From The Beautiful Beginning To The Brutal Ending…

Narcissistic Devaluation, Silent Treatment, Ignoring, Narcissistic Behavior

During this stage, the underside of his Narcissistic Personality seeps through. His temperament changes and so does yours. He quits calling and you call more. His messages are shorter and yours get longer. The once confident now becomes clingy, needy, and insecure. The once adored and idolized now gets ignored, confused, and resorts to a state of confusion. He uses avoiding tactics, ignoring and silent treatment as a form of punishment!

It is inevitable – criticisms, recriminations and humiliations are foisted upon the partner. The narcissist conjures up the tiniest mistake or oversight to use as an opening for a major battle. He or she throws out empty accusations with vehemence as if they were the worst crime ever perpetrated.

Or reverse psychology is performed and the Narcissist which initially portrayed to be the ideal partner, the prince in shining armor now uses taglines like ‘ I am no good for you or we are not good together’! It is an experience the victim never understands. Probably never will.

The reality is, when a Narcissist is chasing after you, he uses every lure in his box. The Narcissist has learned from previous performances exactly what it takes to lure in his next catch, and will go to extreme measures in getting what he wants. And he so often does!

The Lure of Narcissistic Source of Supply

Phase 1 – Narcissistic Idealization

  • In the beginning, did he seem God sent? The man that could see and feel your soul?
  • Was he very eager, persistent, determined and convinced that you were the one? ‘As if the Soul-mate Theory had finally made its way and connected the two of you’?
  • Was he strikingly different in every single aspect? As in over-the-top – the Omega Male? Or perhaps he ‘initially’ came across as nothing more than ‘average’ and yet through his conquest to have you, you became smitten by him? He was different than any man you had ever met?
  • Did he know all the right things to say, the words you have been craving and starving for?
  • Is the sex absolutely amazing? As in ‘Fireworks’! Did he bring out a side of you, you never knew existed? At least not on this level?
  • Do you find that your life took on a brand new meaning? Hence – you now have purpose; you now finally know what it feels like to be truly on top if the world? Ecstasy?
  • You have had other relationships and none of them compare?
  • You spend countless amounts of time together and it never seems to be enough?

Phase 2 – Narcissistic Devaluation

  • Slowly and gradually as time went on, did you notice something different about him? As in the way he treated you, the way he made you feel? Perhaps becoming less interested?
  • Did he go from being caring; tentative and showering you with tons of attention and now shows signs of being cold and distant?
  • Does he keep you in a state of confusion, never knowing where you stand, what he’s thinking or how he feels? Is he Hot & Cold?
  • Does he go for weeks without showing any sign of interest only to later come crawling back as if he was the same loving man you initially met? (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
  • Have you found reasons to believe he is lying or distrustful? When questioning him, does he make you feel like YOU have an insecurity problem? Perhaps advising you to get help?
  • Does the slightest argument, setback, disagreement or criticism set him off into a rage or perhaps other forms of punishment, such as him being cold, distant and using silent treatment?
  • Do you walk on eggshells? Changing your personality as if you were a chameleon in hopes of keeping him happy?
  • Is the sex ‘still amazing’, even though the relationship has changed considerably?
  • Does he constantly break promises?
  • Does the relationship feel like a Roller Coaster ride on steroids?
  • Have you recently noticed him being different in the way he acts and looks at other women?
  • Does your gut tell you that something is WRONG? YOU know something is wrong but you cannot find it in yourself to walk away? It’s as if you are no longer the person you once were? The ever-so-sexy, confident, happy, outgoing, aka ‘with-it’ girl, is nowhere to be found? – At least not on the surface?
  • Have you tried walking away from the relationship, only to find that you’re completely obsessed with having him? One minute you ‘think’ you call the shots, and the next you are begging for mercy and convincing him that the relationship was meant to be?

Phase 3 – The Inevitable Ending – (Devalue & Discard)

  • At this stage, do you now realize it is totally All About HIM? Everything that was elated in the beginning, the gradual loss of his attention as time went by, is now completely destroying you? It’s as if you no longer exist and all you can do is think about HIM!
  • Do you now find yourself contacting him constantly, just hoping for the opportunity to rekindle his love and affection? Does he ignore your attempts?
  • Have you lost control over your emotions and thoughts? Do you now feel possessed, as if you are selling yourself to the devil?
  • Is he now completely disinterested lacking any form of desire for you or the relationship? As in viciously cold and totally ignoring you? He does not return calls, texts or any other form of communication.
  • When he does respond, is he brutally cold and different? Treating you as if YOU never meant anything to him?
  • Does he use reverse psychology? As in making statements like ‘We were not meant to be’, ‘We have nothing in common’, ‘You are too good for me’, ‘We fought all the time’, ‘Why can’t you just move on’, etc?
  • Out of embarrassment, do you hide the truth from others, pretending to be in complete control?
  • Have you lost sight of what makes you happy, who you are, and what you want to become. Do you even care about your future if it means he won’t be in it?
  • Are you convinced that life has no meaning without them?
  • Do you compare yourself and try to mold yourself into what you THINK he wants? Does it seem like everything you try, nothing seems to work?

Narcissistic Source of Supply – Victim’s, Mates, Wives & Girlfriends

On the face of it, there is no (emotional) partner or mate, who typically “binds” with a Narcissist. They come in all shapes and sizes. The initial phases of attraction, infatuation and falling in love are pretty normal. The Narcissist puts on his best face – the other party is blinded by budding love.

Initially women have high standards and to a large degree remain extremely picky in choosing her mate however, once you have been struck by a Narcissist, his ability to persuade is incredible! He is the master of acting and his seducing ways are very hard to see through, very hard to walk away from. Again, this is why we obsess and become obsessed with having answers! This is why the break up and getting over the pain is so difficult!

What If I told You It Was Completely Possible To Walk Away From A Narcissist? That YOU Hold The Power!

How The Narcissist Chooses Narcissistic Source of Supply

Mistake #3 – Women Often Are Led To Believe The Narcissist Seeks Out The Weak

Hear this loud and clear… I firmly believe that the women who Narcissists are attracted to are far from being weak! In fact, Narcissistic men live for the chase. Always looking for bigger brighter stars! Often the women are attractive, high achievers, strong, confident and viewed by the Narcissist as having great potential. This is also known as Source of Supply.

With the Narcissist, it’s the grandiose illusion that he deserves the very best in life. The best job, the best education, the best children, the best mate and unfortunately for the victims, once the conquest is over and the Narcissist has achieved his mission, the thrill is over. The heart break, the shattered trust, knowing he cheated, not having answers, the lies, the silent treatment, the avoiding and rejection is what leaves us heart broken!

“With a Narcissist – There is no “typical victim”. Women in all walks of life, wealthy and poor, smart and dumb, tall and short, head turning and less so – all fall prey to the Narcissists abuse.” Dr. Sam Vaknin

We all love ourselves or at least we should. In fact, we all carry on some level a form of Narcissism. Narcissism in its healthy stages is real, it was typically drives us humans to take care of ourselves. To wake up, brush our teeth, groom ourselves, and essentially a driver in motivating us to be our best. Again, this is the healthy stage of Narcissism.

Loving your true self is healthy, it’s functional, it’s imperative and absolutely normal.

For the Narcissist, it goes well beyond the levels of simply wanting to be his best. In the mind of a Narcissist, he is the best and nothing short of. He will never accept anything less than the best and ladies….


The Narcissist always believes that somewhere, somehow, someone is better and they are only waiting in the winds, waiting for HIM to find them..

Why Narcissists Cheat – Narcissists Are Always Looking For New Narcissistic Sources Of Supply!

Mistake #4 – Most Victim’s Often Believe They Were Discarded, Devalued And Rejected By The Narcissist Because They Were NOT Good Enough..

Ladies, Sam writes it best.

“Narcissists don’t take Partners, Narcissists take Prisoners”

Victim’s should realize this has nothing to do with not being good enough!

A Narcissist will simply discard and devalue his prized loved ones when he is totally convinced he has mastered the conquest of obtaining you as a loving, adoring, faithful, admiring partner.

With a Narcissist, this process is inevitable! Keep in mind, this evaluation of theirs is totally subjective and not grounded in reality at all. Suddenly, because of boredom, a disagreement, a bad day, a memory of a previous partner or a new women/new source of supply is marked by the Narcissist, he will swing from total idealization to complete devaluation.

If discarded or replaced by a new source of supply, VICTIM’S should realize this is not about being replaced with someone who is perceived as BETTER!!! Bottom-line, she is new! She is new Narcissistic Supply!

You must accept the fact that you were not an object of love to this person, but a pawn, a mere source of supply to feed their fragile ego; nothing more, but certainly nothing less. Once you understand how the Narcissist constantly change their sources of supply, you will realize their rejection, the high’s and low’s, being devalued or discarded has absolutely nothing to do with you!

Sadly, these new sources of supply will eventually experience what you are experiencing! The Narcissist will repeat this cycle in every relationship they enter. It is inevitable!!!!

Whatever you do and regardless if you purchase this book or not – NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO HIS NEW SOURCE, NEVER PUT IT IN YOUR MIND SHE IS BETTER! SHE IS NOT!

Remember, at this stage in the mind of a Narcissist, this is not about you! It’s All About Him!

To Take Back Your Power, To Really Bother A Narcissist, To Take Back CONTROL Over What Is Happening – Get This Out Of Your Mind!

If You Want To Really See A Narcissist In Action – Don’t Chase HIM, Don’t Validate HIM, Don’t Plead With Him, Don’t Contact HIM!

This is totally what the Narcissist expects you to do!

Mistake #5 – Women Often Settle, Women Become Fixated On The Narcissist, The Illusion and Fantasy Of The Narcissist!

Women spend entirely too much time wasting their lives while focusing on the WRONG man! Not only so, women are far too willing to give the man in her life the almighty power of controlling her happiness. With A Narcissist – You will spend the rest of your life following the shadow of a man who is damaged by his personality disorder!

You need to reach beyond the remorse, the pain, the feelings, the sadness, the disappointment! You need to kick your urge of wanting to settle for yet another sleepless round of fantasia!

Plain and simple, the Narcissist gets bored with Sources of Supply!

With Narcissistic Men, the GAMES never end! In fact, as sick it sounds, as unfortunate as it truly is – Narcissists thrive on GAMES. The only way to ever truly win the GAME with a Narcissist is to not play at all!

In This eBook You Will Learn How To Free Yourself From A Narcissist! You Will Learn Many Steps That Will Help You Get Over A Narcissist, How To Survive & Recover From The Effects Of Narcissism And Begin Living Again!

Here Are Some Of The Secrets You’ll Learn

Inside My Informative eBook

  • I will show you how to regain your power back and learn how to tame the Narcissist by knowing who the Narcissist REALLY IS! Pg. 8 – The Narcissists Fragile Ego
  • In my book I will cover 6-Steps that are critical to ones recovery! I will also cover many areas in helping you move forward and regain your power back from Narcissism abuse. You hold the Power! Your Power is what the Narcissist wants. Pg. 10 – The 6-Steps
  • I will show you throughout my book how to understand and recognize what is happening, why it’s happening and ways to cope with the trauma and pain you are feeling! Pg. 12 – Understand IT
  • When coming out of a relationship like this, the first thing we need to do is get real with ourselves about what happened in the relationship. Only by understanding the Narcissist do we realize we have suffered emotional abuse and trauma at the hands of the person we love. Pg. 13 – Charlie Sheen
  • In this e-Book, I will give you the inside scoop on what’s REALLY going on inside the Narcissists mind, the Narcissists behavior, the Narcissist traits, including the things he doesn’t want you to know.. I will show you how to identify and recognize the true nature of a Narcissist. I will help you understand the complex world of a narcissist and help you understand just what it is that gives them such power and control in your reality… Pg. 16- The Narcissist In The Making
  • I will also show you the dynamics of a Narcissist and why he is incapable of loving, why he continues to come back and why this relationship truly fits the modern-day roller-coaster. Pg. 18 – Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • I will address the crazy making of a Narcissist and answer questions like, Why Does the Narcissist Devalue & Discard? Pg. 19
  • Why it’s crucial to understand that Narcissists Can’t Change Pg. 22
  • In this book, I truly want you to GET REAL WITH WHO WE ARE DEALING WITH and accept the fact you deserve better Pg. 24
  • I am often asked by victims, did he ever love me? While we want to desperately believe that somewhere in this nonsense, this is the case, it’s important to realize that Narcissists can’t love Pg. 29
  • So the sex is amazing… It was always amazing, even during the low spots.. I will walk you through the what drives the sexual side of a Narcissist and cover the Madonna Whore Complex Pg. 31
  • How can a smart intelligent woman LIKE ME, who’s gut tells her something isn’t quite right – she knows he is lying, she knows that she is NOT CRAZY – ‘evidence proves that’, and through his words, his infrequent acts of kindness – she falters, she believes him, she forgives? This book will identify and address how we fall for them and how we are brainwashed pg. 34
  • I will also show in this section why we are drawn to the Narcissist pg. 36
  • So he’s gone, he’s ignoring you, he is with someone else but….. Do they miss us? Pg. 38
  • How can a man accuse a woman of being unfaithful, unappreciative, jealous, over-sensitive, demanding and all the while, she remains a ‘Stand by Her Man’ kind of woman. Someone that is faithful, admiring, honest, compassionate and in-love? Someone that has forgiven him and taken him back on countless occasions? How can a man be so manipulative convincing his partner that she is over-reacting, absurd or possibly crazy? That she is being over-sensitive, over-dramatic and thinks too much? I will address why relationships with Narcissists turn into roller-coaster rides and why the Narcissists comes back? Pg. 39
  • I will help you understand that once you have been discarded or replaced by what is perceived as a new better Source of Supply, you should count your blessings! These new Sources of Supply will also feel the wrath of the Narcissist. It’s the inevitable. Give it time, it will happen. Pg. 39
  • I will cover why it’s so hard for us to stay away.. Pg. 40
  • But what if I just had answers or closure, they would help me move on, right? I will educate you on why the Narcissist never provides closure.. Pg. 45
  • So now what? I feel obsessed… I will show you simple ways of putting that nervous energy to work! Pg. 46
  • So we have all been there… Wanting to communicate, wanting to say so many things that were never said. I will cover areas of writing letters to the Narcissist – Pg. 51
  • Outside of simply letting go and accepting what is happening, No contact with the Narcissist is one of the hardest things we victims face. I dedicated a FULL chapter to NO CONTACT Pg. 53 – Pg. 73
  • I will help you find ways of coping with the Obsessive Thoughts – Pg. 61
  • Much compared to the reasons Narcissists come back, I will try and help you understand, and make sense of the non-sense when communicating with the Narcissist – Pg. 67
  • This book will help you realize why it’s so important to take back your power! Your power is what the Narcissist wants and thrives on. I will show you why the Narcissist discards his mates after the chase is over and more importantly, that you should never compare or feel threatened by his new Source of Supply. Hence, a new girlfriend, wife, job, hobby. Whatever! Pg. 77
  • I show you simply ways in how you can cope with the fears you may experience, the break up and realize that FEAR is what keeps you from having POWER. Pg. 83
  • If there is one thing the Narcissist sets out to do from day one is to control his victims. I will show you how to take back control Pg. 86
  • Yes, this is NOT easy… But I will help you explore ways of breaking your addiction with the Narcissist. Pg. 98
  • I will also show you ways of dealing with all the Anxiety you may experience and to help you realize you will and can do this.. Pg. 111
  • When all of this happened to me, I knew I had to find and outlet to stream all of this energy and pain.. When I did, I wrote my first book, created a CD of songs and created www.allabouthim.com to help others who may also be suffering. I will show why its so important to take your mind off the Narcissist and use this energy on something that will benefit YOU. The Narcissist will take and take as long as you continue to allow him.. Pg. 114
  • I will show you why the best medicine against the Narcissist is to focus on YOUR future, Narcissists envy anything positive and HATE to see other people rise to the top Pg. 119
  • If anything drives a Narcissist crazy – it’s to think about you moving on. Whether they admit this or not!!! I will show you why YOU must focus on YOU and YOUR outlook for the future. Take Back YOUR Power… Pg. 123
  • I will show why it’s key to create a new life for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves. Life is short and this is it. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is life. Live it and embrace it. We must live in the moment and be honest with ourselves at all times. We deserve real, genuine love. Believe it or not, there are people out there who are capable of it. Pg. 124
  • I will show you how to embrace each day and to be grateful you have the emotional capacity to feel and love again in the future. A narcissist does not have that and will never have that. A narcissist will simply go on preying on people to get his/her needs met – over and over and over. Pg 124
  • If you get anything at all from this book, I want you to realize YOU can Survive A Narcissist. I did and countless others I have coached have survived and moved on. As painful as it is, as much as you don’t want to believe me, YOU can survive this.. Pg. 125

I have spent the past eight years of my life helping victim’s recover from Narcissistic abuse! This book is the beginning to recovery.

The beginning of rediscovering yourself and the beginning of what I consider freeing YOURSELF from the Narcissist and ultimately TAKING YOUR POWER BACK!!

Power Is What The Narcissist Wants! To Get Over A Narcissist & Take Back YOUR Power Is What You Should Want!

YOU hold the magical solution. YOU hold the Power! This book will help you begin that process!

So what are people saying about this eBook?

Out of the thousands who have responded, Here are just a few of so many people this book has helped..

I could have never prepared for the brutal ending that I would later face with my ex Narcissist! The pain, the shock, the disgrace and worst of it all, no warnings and absolutely no closure. Sure we had problems, what relationship doesn’t? But what I found after being discarded and totally blind-sided, is that I was not his only victim! There were two of us! I suppose what made it worse, is that after all the lies of telling me he loved me and how we would spend the rest of our lives together, he chose HER! This book REALLY helped me!! Thank you so much.. Megan – Lakeland, FL

Dear Lisa, Therapists and friends repeatedly told me during and after the relationship that my ex was a Narcissist (he is after all a VERY successful actor.) At the time, I did not understand, nor did my friends or even therapists, the magnitude of what narcissism is. I think it was a term used lightly to describe someone who is self-absorbed. Through many of my readings on the subject, I learned it is much more, and my experience with a Narcissist is not unique; however, cannot truly be understood by anyone who has not experienced it for themselves. On my continued path to healing and regaining my self-worth, I came across your book. It is the most comprehensible book I have read on the subject and I can relate so well to your experience. Thank you for your book…it’s nice to know that I’m not crazy or alone! Beth – St. Louis, MO

I am nearing the end of an on again – off again, 6 year roller-coaster ride from hell with a man just like this! So one might question, why 6 years? I too question this. The only thing I resort back to is the moments when is so convincing, so loving and well – the way he treats me during the good times. What’s so frightening, the good times never out- way the bad! This book really opened my eyes! Jessica – Seaside Heights, NJ

In response to the crazy making they cause, this book totally woke me up! It’s ironic because I always told my ex that he made me “crazy”. All the ups and downs, the roller-coaster ride that never seemed to end, it all simply took its toll! He mentioned it a few months ago and I told him that he did make me crazy, I didn’t know why, but he was the only one that literally made me feel crazy. Every time he broke my heart he always made charming excuses for why he did it. But when I look back and closely analyze his reasoning’s, he clearly blamed me for everything that happened. I hate feeling “lost”. In the end, not only was I completely blindsided to find out he was seeing someone else during the last few years of our relationship, but to make it worse, I hate myself for believing all his lies. I hate myself for believing in him. He never loved me. He was completely incapable of loving anyone. I can see this now! Thank You!! Amy – St. Pete, FL

It wasn’t that long ago when I found myself at a turning point in my life. A time when I would painfully have to accept that the relationship I was holding onto for the past three years had come to its final destination. As sad as it seems, as I think and reflect back, the relationship was merely holding on by life support, and had been for a very long time.Even though I can see this now, I was completely blinded by my love for him. I can only assume the majority of my intense emotions were driven by the fact he had been my first everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. My lover, my first sexual experience, my best friend, my business partner, my world. Perhaps he and I were too much alike. We both had a fighting side to us. We could fight like the best of them and yet the making up felt like fireworks. Either way, it was coming to an end and for the first time in my life, I was completely losing it. I never thought I would rebound and this book gave me so much hope. Thanks Lisa and keep writing. Michelle – Houston, TX

Lisa E. Scott’s painstaking work in reliving and recording exactly the narcissist’ rhetoric and actions will sadly, gently ring true for many unsuspecting victims caught in the Narcissistic Tsunami. But at some point, submerged reality will surface to reveal the impending devastation to the victim’s sanity, self-confidence, safe home life, workplace success, social relationships, or perhaps even a child’s dream of tomorrow. How many tsunamis can one survive? It is the resolute actions next taken, on the heels of realization, which charts the course of our collective future success….or failure. Denise Martine

“Loving someone that doesn’t love you is like reaching for a star. You know you’ll never reach it, but you just got to keep trying.”

Many followers of the Narcissist never wake up. They continue to be selfless servants, unable to separate themselves psychologically from him. Many of those who do become aware of the price they are paying (giving up their own lives) make the bargain and decide that the lifestyle and perks connected with being a part of the narcissists charmed circle is worth it! They are wrong!

He will never change and the best revenge, what gets to a narcissist, what bothers the narcissist, and the absolute best way in getting over a break up with a Narcissist is to take control. take back your life and power! These type of men can not stand seeing you happy and especially without them!

Skip Months Of Wondering And Questioning Yourself!!

This eBook is stocked full of information that will not only change the way you look at Narcissism but also give you a simple step program in breaking free from the toxic cycles of loving a Narcissist and addresses many of the secrets in what makes a Narcissist tick and how to free ourselves from the Narcissists Control!

Your ‘Secret Weapon’ To Surviving A Narcissist

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